Fueled By Love - WLC Gas Giveaway
Worship Life Church is thrilled to announce our first Gas Card Giveaway on December 31st, 2023! Our ambitious goal? To gift 200 $50 Gas Cards and spread joy and support to those around us.

In these challenging times, a little help goes a long way. A $50 gas card can make a significant difference in someone's life - whether it's easing the burden of daily commutes, enabling important visits to loved ones, or simply giving a financial breather. We are blessed to be a blessing!

Your generous donation can be the spark that kindles hope and gratitude in our community. Every contribution, big or small, brings us closer to our target of 200 gas cards. Let's come together to make this giveaway a grand success and a testament to our community's spirit of giving and unity.

When giving please select the fund "Gas Giveaway"

Together, let's fuel hope and kindness as we step into the New Year. Your support is not just a gift, but a blessing that reverberates through our community. We love and appreciate you! 

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